Thursday, September 5, 2013

NEWS: Jimmy Webb Establishes V15 on Mount Evans (9/5/13)

James Webb in Rocklands
Webb in Rocklands, South Africa. Screenshot from
his vimeo video
Jimmy Webb has reported on his scorecard that he has sent Wheel of Wolvo on Mt. Evans in Colorado, giving the climb a grade of Fontainebleau 8C (V15). "The break down is sick. A 10 move 8B+ into a 15 move 8a/+. A pumpy one for sure and suited my style/height so perfectly," Webb wrote. He went on to add, "Psyched to go back and try one of the harder exits!?"

Mount Evans and Rocky Mountain National Park have gained popularity in recent years as bouldering destinations. Through the work mostly of Dave Graham and Daniel Woods, several hard V14 and V15 problems have been established in these high-alpine destinations. Just a couple of weeks ago Daniel Woods opened The Wheel of Chaos (V14) at 10,600 feet in Rocky Mountain National Park. Just barely a week later, 12-year-old Ashima Shiraishi sent The Automator, a V13 also located in the park. The Automator was Shiraishi's second V13 after she became the youngest person of either gender to send the grade when she climbed Crown of Aragorn in famed Hueco Tanks at age 11.

Webb has proved himself as one of the top boulderers in world recently. On a June trip to Rocklands, South Africa, he flashed several V13s and sent several V14s. Wheel of Wolvo is his first V15. He also won first place at the star-studded Psiocbloc Masters Series event in Salt Lake City in early August.

Check out this video of Webb battling it out against Daniel Woods at the Psiocobloc Masters Series:

Also enjoy this video of Webb in Rocklands:
First try in Rocklands from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

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