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Got an epic story, amazing photograph, stunning trip report, or interesting editorial you think should be published? Colorado Mountaineering is now open for submissions for stories up to 3000 words. Topics can range from access issues to stunning trip reports to anything else, as long as it has some bearing on Colorado's mountains.

Preference will be given for stories with strong writing and/or a stunning visual component. We are not really looking for blow-by-blow trip reports of an average or everyday nature. Instead we tend to lean towards stories that incorporate other emotional, environmental, or life-enhancing connections.

At this time we are not able to pay our contributors, unfortunately, but your work will be featured prominently on our website and you will be able to have a permanent url on the web for your portfolio.

Photography submissions

We are looking for mountain and alpine related photography taken exclusively in Colorado to be included in our photo gallery page. We also reserve the right to use your photos in future articles as well as (possibly) in print publications. Anytime your photo is used it will be properly credited and (when used digitally) links will draw viewers to your personal blog or website. Submit no more than 3 photos to Include your name, and (if desired) a website url for backlinking.

Writing submissions

We are looking for creative pieces, epic trip reports, analysis, gear reviews and just about any other writing (no more than 3000 words) as long as it is good, engaging and pertinent to climbing, hiking, and trekking in Colorado's high country. Your piece will be featured prominently on our website for an indeterminate period of time as well as permanently in our archive. You retain all permanent rights to your piece though we reserve the right to re-publish your story on our site or in print at a future date.  Please paste your story in an email to Photographs are also encouraged. Please submit only one piece at a time.

Be patient with us in regards to responding to your submission. Due to the nature of running a e-journal (as well as our outside lives) we may not be able to provide personalized feedback. We will, however, respond to every submission, though it may take a number of weeks.

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