200 Highest

The 200 tallest "official" peaks in Colorado, sometimes called the "Bicentennial List". The generally accepted standard for official status by mountaineers in Colorado is that a mountain should have at least 300 feet of topographical prominence (rise from the highest connecting saddle with a higher peak).

Peak NameElevationRankRangeDifficulty easiest route (YDS)
Mount Elbert14,433'1Sawatchclass 1
Mount Massive14,421'2 Sawatch class 2
Mount Harvard14,420'3Sawatchclass 2
Blanca Peak14,345'4Sangre De Cristoclass 2
La Plata Peak14,336'5Sawatchclass 2
Uncompahgre Peak14,309'6San Juanclass 2
Crestone Peak14,294'7Sangre De Cristoclass 3
Mount Lincoln14,286'8Tenmile Rangeclass 2
Grays Peak14,270'9Front Rangeclass 1
Mount Antero14,269'10Sawatchclass 2
Torreys Peak14,267'11Front Rangeclass 2
Castle Peak14,265'12Elk Rangeclass 2+
Quandary Peak14,265'13Tenmile Rangeclass 1
Mount Evans14,264'14Front Rangeclass 1
Longs Peak 14,255'15Front Rangeclass 3
Mount Wilson14,246'16Front Rangeclass 4
Mount Shavano14,229'17Sawatchclass 2
Mount Princeton14,197'18Sawatchclass 2
Mount Belford14,19719Sawatchclass 1
Crestone Needle14,19720Sangre De Cristoclass 3
Mount Yale14,196'21Sawatchclass 2
Mount Bross14,172'22Mosquitoclass 2
Kit Carson Peak14,165'23Sangre De Cristoclass 3
Maroon Peak14,156'24Elk Rangeclass 3
Tabeguache Peak14,155'25Sawatchclass 2
Mount Oxford14,153'26Sawatchclass 2
Mount Sneffels14,150'27San Juanclass 2
Mount Democrat14,148'28Mosquitoclass 2
Capitol Peak14,130'29Elkclass 4
Pikes Peak 14,11030Front Rangeclass 1
Snowmass Mountain14,092'31Elkclass 3
Windom Peak14,087'32San Juanclass 2+
Mount Eolus14,084'33San Juanclass 3
Challenger Point14,081'34Sangre De Cristoclass 2+
Mount Columbia14,073'35Sawatchclass 2
Missouri Mountain14,067'36Sawatchclass 2+
Humboldt Peak14,064'37Sangre De Cristoclass 2
Mount Bierstadt14,060'38Front Rangeclass 2
Sunlight Peak14,059'39San Juanclass 4
Handies Peak 14,048' 40 San Juanclass 1
Culebra Peak14,047'41Sangre De Cristo class 2
Mount Lindsey14,042'42Sangre De Cristoclass 2+
Ellingwood Point14,042'43 Sangre De Cristoclass 2
Little Bear14,037'44Sangre De Cristoclass 4
Mount Sherman14,036'45Tenmile Range class 2
Redcloud Peak14,034' 46San Juanclass 2
Pyramid Peak14,018'47Elk Rangeclass 4
Wilson Peak14,017'48San Juanclass 3
Wetterhorn14,015'49San Juanclass 3
San Luis Peak14,014'50San Juanclass 1
Mount of the Holy Cross14,005'51Elk Rangeclass 2
Huron Peak14,003'52Sawatchclass 1
Sunshine Peak14,001'53San Juan class 2
Grizzly Peak13,988'54Sawatch class 2
Stewart Peak13,983'55San Juan class 1
Columbia Point13,980'56Sangre De Cristo class 2+
Pigeon Peak13,972'57San Juan class 4
Mount Ouray13,971'58Sawatch class 2
Fletcher Mountain13,95159Tenmile Range class 2
Ice Mountain13,95160Sawatchclass 3
Pacific Peak13,950'61Tenmile Range class 2
Cathedral Peak13,94362Elk Range class 3
French Mountain13,940' 63Sawatchclass 2
Mount Hope13,933'64Sawatch class 2
"Thunder Pyramid"13,932'65Elk Rangeclass 3
Mount Adams13,93166Sangre De Cristo class 2+
Gladstone Peak13,913'67San Juan class 3
Mount Meeker13,911'68Front Range class 3
Casco Peak13,908'69Sawatch class 2
Red Mountain13,90870Sangre De Cristoclass 2
Emerald Peak13,904'71Sawatchclass 2
Horseshoe Mountain13,898'72Tenmile Rangeclass 1
"Phoenix Peak"13,895'73San Juan class 1
Vermilion Peak13,894'74San Juanclass 2
Cronin Peak13,870'75Sawatch class 2
Mount Buckskin13,865'76Tenmmile Range class 2
Vestal Peak13,864'77San Juan class 2+
Jones Mountain13,860'78San Juan class 2
North Apostle13,860'79Sawatch class 2
Clinton Peak13,857'80Tenmile Range class 2
Dyer Mountain13,855'81Tenmile Rangeclass 2
Crystal Peak13,85282Tenmile Rangeclass 2
Mount Edwards13,850' 83 Front Range class 1
California Peak13,849'84Sangre De Cristoclass 1
Mount Oklahoma 13,845'85Sawatch class 2
"Atlantic Peak"13,841'86Tenmile Rangeclass 2
Hagerman Peak13,84187Elk Range class 2+
Half Peak13,84188San Juan class 2
Turret Peak13,835'89San Juan class 2+
Point 13,83213,832'90San Juan class 2
Holy Cross Ridge13,831' 91 San Juan class 2
Jupiter Mountain13,830'92 San Juan class 2+
"Huerfano Peak"13,828'93 Sangre De Cristo class 2
Jagged Mountain 13,824'94 San Juan class 5.2
”Lackawanna Peak"13,823'95Sawatch class 2
Mount Silverheels13,822'96Tenmile Range class 1
Rio Grande Pyramid13,821' 97San Juan class 2
Teakettle Mountain13,829'98San Juan class 5.3
Point 13,81113,811'99San Juan class 1
Dallas Peak13,809'100San Juan class 5.3
Niagara Peak13,807'101San Juan class 2
”American Peak”13,806'102San Juan Rangeclass 2
Trinity Peak13,805'103San Juan class 2+
Arrow Peak13,803'104San Juan Rangeclass 3-4
”Castleabra”13,809'105Elk Range class 2
Organ Mountain A13,801'106San Juan Rangeclass 1
”Obstruction Peak”13,799'107Sangre De Cristo Range class 2+
Arkansas Mountain13,795'108Tenmile-Mosquito Range class 3
Point 13,795’13,795'109San Juan Rangeclass 2
Rito Alto Peak13,794'110Sangre De Cristoclass 2
Square Top Mountain13,794'111Front Rangeclass 2
Animas Mountain13,786'112San Juan Rangeclass 3
Potosi Peak13,786'113San Juan Rangeclass 2+/3
Rinker Peak13,783'114Sawatch Rangeclass 2
Mosquito Peak13,781'115Tenmile-Mosquito Rangeclass 2
Garfield Peak13,780'116Sawatch Rangeclass 2
Golden Horn13,780'117San Juan Rangeclass 2+
Point 13,76813,768'118Sawatch Rangeclass 2
Ulysses S. Grant Peak13,767'119San Juan Rangeclass 3
West Trinity Peak13,765'120San Juan Rangeclass 3
Point 13,76213,762'121Sawatch Rangeclass 2+
Bull Hill13,761'122Sawatch Rangeclass 2
Deer Mountain13,761'123Sawatch Rangeclass 3
San Miguel Peak13,752'124San Juan Rangeclass 3
Storm King Peak13,752'125San Juan Rangeclass 3
Mount Sheridan13,748'126San Juan Rangeclass 2
Mount Aetna13,745'127Sawatch Rangeclass 2
East Trinity Peak13,745'128San Juan Rangeclass 3
Argentine Peak13,738'129Front Rangeclass 1
Grizzly Peak B13,738'130San Juan Rangeclass 3
Pilot Knob13,738'131San Juan Rangeclass 4
Sayers Benchmark13,738'132Sawatch Rangeclass 2
Point 13,73613,736'133Sawatch Rangeclass 2+
"T 0"13,735'134San Juan Rangeclass 2+
Vermejo Peak13,723'135Sangre De Cristo Rangeclass 2
"Animas Forks Mtn"13,722'136San Juan Rangeclass 2+
"Lightning Pyramid"13,722'137Elk Rangeclass 3
Pole Creek Mtn13,716'138San Juan Rangeclass 2
Silver Mtn A13,714'139San Juan Rangeclass 2
Point 13,71213,712'140Sawatch Rangeclass 2
Twining Peak13,711'141Sawatch Rangeclass 2
Grizzly Mountain13,708142Sawatch Rangeclass 2
Colony Baldy13,708'143Sange De Cristoclass 2
Peak Six13,705'144San Juan Rangeclass 2
Peak Fifteen13,700'145San Juan Rangeclass 5.2
Grizzly Peak C13,700'146San Juan Rangeclass 3
Baldy Alto13,698'147San Juan Rangeclass 1
Monitor Peak13,695'148San Juan Rangeclass 4
Gilpin Peak13,694'149San Juan Rangeclass 2
Rolling Mountain13,693'150San Juan Rangeclass 2
"Every Mountain"13,691'151San Juan Rangeclass 2
Wheeler Mountain13,690'152Tenmile-Mosquito Rangeclass 3
"Cooper Creek Peak"13,688'153San Juan Rangeclass 2
Point 13,688 B13,688'154San Juan Rangeclass 2
Cirque Mountain13,686'155San Juan Rangeclass 2/3
Bald Mountain13,684'156Front Rangeclass 1
Mount Oso13,684'157San Juan Rangeclass 2
Peak Seven13,682'158San Juan Rangeclass 3
Point 13,68113,681'159San Juan Rangeclass 2
Purgatoire Peak13,676'160Sangre De Cristoclass 2
Point 13,67413,674'161San Juanclass 2/3
Mount Tweto13,672'162Tenmile-Mosquito Rangeclass 2
Mount Jackson13,670'163Sawatch Rangeclass 2/3
Mount White13,667'164Sawatch Rangeclass 1
Carbonate Mtn13,663'165Sawatch Rangeclass 2
Lookout Peak13,661'166San Juan Rangeclass 3
Point 13,660 A13,660'167Sangre De Cristo Rangeclass 2
Point 13,660 B13,660'168Sawatch Rangeclass 2
Wood Mountain13,660'169San Juan Rangeclass 1
Carson Peak13,657'170San Juan Rangeclass 2
Coxcomb Peak13,656'171San Juan Rangeclass 5.3
Taylor Mountain13,651'172Sawatch Rangeclass 2
Mount Champion13,646'173Sawatch Rangeclass 2
Mount Mamma13,646'174Sawatch Rangeclass 2
Redcliff13,642'175San Juan Rangeclass 2
Bard Peak13,641'176Front Rangeclass 1
"Electric Peak"13,635'177Elk Rangeclass 2
Peak 1013,633'178Tenmile-Mosquito Rangeclass 2
"Anderson Peak"13,631'179Sawatch Rangeclass 2
Point 13,631 B13,631'180Elk Rangeclass 3
Mount Silex13,628'181San Juan Rangeclass 3
White Dome13,627'182San Juan Rangeclass 2
Point 13,62613,626'183Sawatch Rangeclass 2
West Spanish Peak13,626'184Sangre De Cristo Rangeclass 1
The Guardian13,617'185San Juan Rangeclass 3
Point 13,61613,616'186Sawatch Rangeclass 2
North Star Mountain13,614'187Tenmile-Mosquito Rangeclass 2
Pico Asilado13,611'188Sangre de Cristo Rangeclass 3
Tijeras Peak13,604'189Sangre De Cristo Rangeclass 3
Gray Wolf Mountain13,602'190Front Rangeclass 1
Electric Peak A13,598'191Sangre De Cristoclass 2
Cyclone Mountain13,596'192Sawatch Rangeclass 2
Matterhorn 13,590'193San Juan Rangeclass 3
Peak One13,589'194San Juan Rangeclass 2
Cottonwood Peak13,588'195Sangre De Cristo Rangeclass 2
Mount Emma13,581'196San Juan Rangeclass 3
Point 13,58113,581'197San Juan Rangeclass 3
Mount Powell13,580'198Gore Rangeclass 2
Twin Peaks A13,580'199Sangre De Cristo Rangeclass 2
Clark Peak13,580'200Elk Rangeclass 4

-Centennial List (100 highest)
-53 ranked 14ers
-Ranked class 5 peaks over 13,000 feet
-14ers the Hard Way

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