Mountaineering and climbing are dangerous activities! You can get hurt and/or die while participating in these activities. While the owners and writers of coloradomountaineering.com have made all efforts to present accurate and pertinent information regarding mountaineering in Colorado's excellent mountains, the authors and owners of coloradomountaineering.com can not be held responsible for errors in information including but not limited to legal public access, errors in grading, errors in topographical mapping, errors with names and directions, inaccurate bolt counts, failure to recognize and note dangerous runnouts, etc. While the authors spend as much of their free time as possible scaling the walls and mountains of Colorado, there is no way in which they have climbed every route on every mountain in this great state. Always remember that no guidebook or informational website can replace your own best judgement. Have fun and be safe!

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Climbing and mountaineering are dangerous!! Please see the DISCLAIMER page
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