Tuesday, June 25, 2013

NEWS: Another Climber Killed on Thunder Pyramid (6/25/13)

Pyramid Peak and the Maroon Bells
Pyramid Peak (left) and the Maroon Bells (right).
"Thunder Pyramid" lies behind Pyramid Peak in this photo
"Thunder Pyramid," an Elk Range peak and one of Colorado's 100 highest mountains, claimed the life of experienced mountaineer Steve Gladbach, 52, on Sunday. Gladbach went missing after summiting the notoriously dangerous mountain with some companions. According to reports, Gladbach told his friend he wanted to "check out a waterfall" he was interested in climbing during the winter. Gladbach was a highly experienced mountaineer who had climbed all 584 of Colorado's 13ers, and he had climbed all of Colorado's 14ers during wintertime. He was also a father of two and a high school math teacher. Gladbach resided in Pueblo, Colorado.

"Thunder Pyramid" is regarded as one of Colorado's most dangerous mountains. It has been site of several deadly accidents over the years, including that of David Morano in September 2011. At 13,932 feet, Thunder Pyramid is Colorado's 65th highest mountain. It is located along the same ridge as 14er Pyramid Peak and near famous mountains, the Maroon Bells.

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