Thursday, October 10, 2013

NEWS: Wild Country Recall (10/10/13)

If you have purchased Wild Country Rock and Anodized Rocks since 2010, the gear you're carrying may have been recalled. The recall is being issued for certain batches of Rocks and Anodized rocks which, when tested, have been failing below their certified strengths. Thankfully, according to the company, there have been no reported injuries involving the faulty equipment.

Wild Country has released a pdf sheet with information about the reasons for the recall and how you can identify whether or not the gear you own is included in this recall. The way to know is to check the "batch code" of your product, which is imprinted on the plastic tab at the throat of the loop portion of the wire (see photo below). If the batch code on your Rocks or Anodized Rocks is either AG, AH, AII, or JBE then you should contact the company for more instructions. In particular, batch JBE was found to be especially faulty, with pieces rated up to 12 kN sometimes failing below 7 kN.

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