Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NEWS: Climber Killed on Thunder Pyramid

The Pyramid-"Thunder Pyramid" ridge
In sad news, a 41-year old climber from Dillon, CO was killed on "Thunder Pyramid" in the Elk Range near Aspen on Saturday. "Thunder Pyramid" is in the Maroon Bells area and is connected by ridge to famous 14er Pyramid Peak. Pyramid Peak and nearby Maroon Bells are notorious for their treacherous rock, and the far less well-known "Thunder Pyramid" has a reputation for being even worse. Regarding this dangerous mountain, famed Colorado guidebook author Gerry Roach in his book Colorado's Thireteeners states, "After an ascent of "Thunder Pyramid," most people form the opinion that it is a hidden horror."

The victim's body was apparently in a very rugged location, and authorities still hadn't been able to recover the body. unfavorable weather also complicated the operation.

At 13,932' Thunder Pyramid is Colorado's 65th tallest mountain, making it a target for those attempting to complete the Top 100, or "Centennial" list.

While there have been a number of fatal tragedies in Colorado's mountains this season, they still are somewhat rare, but as mountaineers and human beings we hate when we loose one of our own. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and his family and friends.

UPDATE: 9/15/11

The climber who passed away on  Thunder Pyramid has been identified as David Morano, a 41 year old from Dillon, CO. According to reports Morano was very experienced and had climbed 129 of Colorado's 200 highest peaks. Despite rough terrain and bad weather, his body has been recovered. All of our thoughts are with Morano and those who knew him.

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