Monday, September 23, 2013

NEWS: Helicopter Rescue on North Maroon Peak (9/23/13)

A helicopter rescue on the Maroon Bells
A helicopter rescues an injured climber on North Maroon
Peak. Screenshot from Youtube video
A 59-year-old man had to be rescued by helicopter after falling while descending North Maroon Peak on Saturday. According to a report on the Aspen Business Journalthe man fell 50 feet and suffered numerous injuries, including a possibly broken jaw. The helicopter rescue was successful and caught on video. The injured climber was with four other people when the accident occurred.

2013 has been a difficult year in the Elk Range. There have been several accidents and harrowing rescues this season, including the deaths of Steve Gladbach on "Thunder Pyramid" and Ryan Palmer on Capitol Peak, and the rescue of Daniel Palmer (no relation) also on Capitol Peak.

Check out this video caught by another climber of the successful rescue:

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  1. OMG
    The pilot landed one wheel
    One wheel
    14,000 feet on the Edge
    Of a mountain
    to save this man's life
    During peacetime
    courageous work by the crew
    Thank you for your service to your country

  2. one wheel
    14,000 feet
    edge of mountain
    2 minutes
    great job HAATS

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