Tuesday, March 7, 2017

NEWS: Climber Found Alive After Being Missing For Two Days on Pyramid Peak

Ryan Montoya has been found alive on Pyramid Peak
Pyramid Peak in the fall
In good news, missing mountaineer Ryan Montoya was found alive Tuesday after vanishing on Sunday while attempting to climb Pyramid Peak in the winter.

According to a report on the Aspen Times website, Montoya had bivouacked near Crater Lake apparently in a snow cave on Saturday night and fell at least 1,500 feet as he attempted to climb the peak the following day. Montoya was found Tuesday by a runner along the Maroon Creek Road, having made much of the journey under his own power.

Montoya is described as an experienced climber by his friends. The type and extent of his injuries are unknown at this time, though the story has reported him as having frostbite. Winds on Pyramid Peak are estimated to have reached nearly 100 mph in the past few days.

Pyramid Peak is one of Colorado's most difficult 14,000-foot peaks. It along with neighboring Maroon and North Maroon Peak have accounted for many injuries and deaths over the years. 

A sizable rescue effort had been underway to locate Montoya. Earlier Tuesday rescue volunteers had discovered his skis and snow cave as well the remnants of a large avalanche.

It is fortunate that Montoya escaped this ordeal with his life.

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