Sunday, May 28, 2017

NEWS: Body Found on Maroon Bells (5/28/17)

Climber found killed on the Maroon Bells 5/27/17
The Maroon Bells as seen from the summit of
nearby Pyramid Peak
A man en route to attempt the Bell Cord on the Maroon Bells discovered a body yesterday morning, leading to speculation that the deceased was Dave Cook, who went missing while attempting the Maroon Bells last September. According to reports, however, the deceased "appeared to be in his early thirties," which would not match the description of Cook, who was 49 years old at the time of his disappearance.

Authorities have not yet released the identity of the recovered body but have merely reported that the victim had "several injuries to his head and leg." It was not clear if he was attempting to climb the peak at the time of his accident.

The Maroon Bells have proven themselves to be some of Colorado's most dangerous mountains over and over. They have well-earned their ominous nickname "the Deadly Bells." They were the sight of two fatal accidents last year. As Colorado Mountaineering reported in an analysis back in January, the Bells, combined with Longs Peak and the two Crestones, accounted for over half of all mountaineering deaths on Colorado 14ers between 2010 and 2016. Several contributing factors have led to these high numbers, including objective hazards such as loose rock, complicated routefinding and overall steepness.

UPDATE: The deceased hiker has been identified as Jeffrey Bushroe, a 27-year-old from Tucson, Arizona. According to a forum post on by a user claiming to be the person who found the victim, he was "not dressed for climbing."

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